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Tuvalu Yacht Registry

The Tuvalu Yacht Registry is generally recognised as one of the most yacht friendly flags to emerge in recent years, particularly as they have recognised the huge growth in the yacht market and the need for a stable and understanding offshore flag. 
These are experienced yacht people, helping other yacht people.
We do not deal with cargo ships. For information on cargo ships, please click here.

Blue Ensign Ltd offers all Private and Commercial Yacht Owners:

  • A really attractive blue ensign flag.
  • Check your yacht name is available instantly ! Click here.
  • A registry that has its main ship office in Singapore, with excellent staff and facilities.
  • A registry that has the yacht fleet managed from the UK office, with excellent transport links worldwide.
  • High standards of safety based on sensible survey inspections by experienced yacht surveyors.
  • A Tuvalu company or representatives or crew are not required.
  • Classification Society compliance is not required for yachts under 500 tons.
  • Yachts over 500 tons may be accepted that are not classed, subject to survey, on a case by case basis.
  • Yachts which are conversions, or ex-government vessels may be accepted, subject to survey.
  • Commercial Yachts and Private Yachts are welcome.
  • Dual Registration ( Private and Commercial) is possible.
  • Full members of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
Tuvalu Offshore Yacht Registry

The Tuvalu Yacht Registry is a division of the well established Tuvalu Ship Registry, which has a main office base in Singapore. In recognition of the growing yacht business, and the sizes of the yachts and the increasing extent of cruising areas, the Tuvalu Ship Registry has a formal agreement with Blue Ensign Ltd to administer the yacht side as sole Yacht Fleet Managers. This is in recognition of the significant differences in requirements of yachts over their cargo vessel fleet, and the different experience and skills base to effectively manage an increasing yacht fleet.

The Tuvalu Yacht Registry and Blue Ensign offer a simplified registration process for both Private and Commercial Yachts and other similar craft. Vessels can be of any size and do not need to be in class with a Classification Society, providing they are well managed and in good condition. The application process is designed to be very simple and fast. Registration and Radio Licences are issued electronically from the Singapore Office, with all other certificates issued electronically from the U.K. Office with optional courier service for originals. There is no need to send any documents to Tuvalu, or to have a Tuvalu Captain or crew.

For a full up to date list of prices for Tuvalu Registration, please email us.

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